• Room within a RoomAugust 2018

    Our entry ‘Jill of All Trades’ has been shortlisted to win the the Room within a Room competition organised by the RIBA Journal. The proposal imagines three modest spaces for trained illustrator, three-job zero-hour worker, and would be horticulturalist, Jill – as prompted by the brief, she is today’s Renaissance woman.

    The proposal owes much to the ‘tokonoma’ – a traditional feature of the pre-war Japanese home whereby alcoves are formed within a broadened wall for the storage and display of artefacts precious to the family. Here, an autonomous room is constructed to similar effect. In Japan the tokonoma is not to be stepped within unless to change the display – in our proposal the raised dais marks Jill’s territory – a room of one’s own.

  • Cromer & Frobisher HouseJuly 2018

    Chan Brisco Architects have received planning permission for two residential projects in the South West.

    The practice are working with a couple in Bristol to extend the living spaces of a two storey Victorian terraced house. The kitchen follows a series of steps into the garden where each brick step becomes a planter or a place to rest.

    In Portishead the practice are working on a 1970s house built into the hillside facing the Severn Estuary. A new room extends into the roof whilst the first floor is reconfigured to allow a better flow of living space with a view out towards the Estuary.

  • Current WorksApril 2018

    The practice has begun work on a series of projects exploring residential extension and refurbishment across the UK.

    At Kilburn a roof level extension is proposed to create a new bedroom and en-suite bathroom, it’s pale timber fenestration formed as a delicate complimentary partner to the masonry of the conservation area within which the home sits.

    In Salisbury the practice is working with a young family on the refurbishment of their riverside home. The first phase of the project sees the interior reworked as host to a series of large autonomous furniture elements.

  • Antlers GalleryFebruary 2018

    Chan Brisco Architects are working with Antlers Gallery to develop a new not for profit, mixed use arts space in Bristol.

    Antlers is a gallery that champions contemporary artists through innovative projects: exhibitions, fairs, collaborations and commissions.

    The new space will comprise of a cafe, bookshop, gallery spaces and accompanying artist studios.

  • Kingston School of ArtNovember 2017

    First year architecture students from the Kingston School of Art have been building a playful landscape of timber interventions at the Building Centre. The works imagine an alternative future for Store Street’s south crescent.

    Working in distinct studio groups, the students have conceived, fabricated, and assembled five independent structures. Studio E have constructed a small red-topped tower where they hope the public might pause to rest and look up about them to the mature tree canopy and rhythmic facades of the crescent.

    Thom Brisco leads the studio alongside Amalia Skoufoglou. The pieces are open for the public to inhabit and will stand until the 24th of November.

    © Kingston School of Art

  • Welsh School of ArchitectureAugust 2017

    Nicola and Thom have been selected to run a third year undergraduate studio at the Welsh School of Architecture for the 2017/18 academic year.

    Titled ‘To the Sea’ the studio will focus its research on the shoreline, situating its work amongst the geological, historical and societal conditions that reside in seaside towns.

    Thom will continue to run a first year studio at the Kingston School of Art.